The Evolving Man is a results-oriented community of men who are redefining the global paradigm of gender relations, empowering men to show up for themselves, their partners, and their lives. We support each other in defining what it means to live vibrantly both internally and externally…and then doing it. We have found, from our 11 years of existence, that the best way to do that is by living with integrity and right action in all areas of our lives.


As evolving men, we provide the space, understanding, and models for a man to connect with the man he is meant to be while expressing and embodying that in life and in love.  Our Programs are designed and facilitated by highly-experienced coaches and leaders who have decades of experience creating safe environments structured around integrity and accountability first.

Men’s Circles

Twice monthly community meetings for purpose-built for collaborative support.

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Discover Your Inner Compass

Two day retreat exploring four archetypes of man: king, warrior, magician, lover.

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I AM Workshop

Collaborative training workshop to develop tools and accountability towards achieving your goals.

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TEM work is all about substantive change. If you’re ready to get in action and experience life to the fullest, every single day, then reach out to us and we’ll help you find the right community for you.

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The TEM Community was founded by Geoff Laughton in 2007 in response to seeing so many men who were hungry for connection and community, and ready to step up and be true leaders of their own lives.

In 2016, to expand the work to a wider community of men, TEM became a non-profit and created a Board of Directors, from which a core team of facilitators/coaches lead all workshops and programs. They are:

           Geoff Laughton

Geoff Laughton

Geoff is a Relationship Architect/Coach, multiple-International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader. He has spent the last twenty-one years coaching people world-wide, with a particular passion for supporting those in relationship, and helping men from all walks of life step up to their true potential.

             Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Mark is the CEO of Fit CFO, an organization that empowers non-profits through providing CFO services virtually. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Mark is also a coach, facilitator, and wilderness guide with more than 20 years of experience helping people and companies grow. He has been part of TEM since 2014, and its CFO since 2016.



When I joined TEM 7 years ago, I was ready and willing to grow in my life; however, I had NO idea the journey I was starting out on. The men in TEM have helped me get in integrity with myself, along with becoming a more honest person with myself and with others. If you want to get the most out of your life, have better relationships, and truly live a FULL, passionate life, this is on of the best ways to get there, with the help and support of your brothers.

Kenny ParkerBoulder, CO

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from TEM is that my ego may try and fool me but it doesn’t fool the group. The men’s honest and loving support has helped me to pursue life goals that once seemed almost impossible. Men of all ages need heart-centered, positive male role models to help us thrive, and TEM is an amazing place to find that.

Dean BartaDenver, CO

TEM has taught me so much – I feel I could write a book on the benefits I have got from the group. One thing TEM has taught me is that I can CHOOSE how I feel! I have the ability to change my attitude and perspective about any situation – it’s MY choice. Another thing is how I communicate with people has got so much better since I started this journey. An example: after doing the KWML retreat, I had a job interview the next day. Well, not only did I get the job but I negotiated the employment conditions I needed. I had never done this before. I couldn’t be happier in the way this has turned out.

Matt PhilumaleeCalifornia

The most powerful lesson I’ve learned about myself in doing the TEM work is that I have some powerful shadows that I used to hide from. Without this group of men, who were willing to get their hands dirty and hold me accountable, I might have gone ‘dark’, isolated myself in alcohol and broken my marriage. The coaches ability to hone in on the reality of what I said and reflect it back in a way that allows me to get the “ah ha” moment for myself, without giving it to me, is truly amazing. Now, because of TEM, I’m a better husband, father and friend.

Christopher deLillisNovato, CA