TEM’s work is designed to provide support and a clear path forward for men who are ready to live consciously. We want you to complete one of our programs electrified by what is possible and confident that you have a clear path forward in your life.

But we also believe that growth doesn’t just happen in the workshop. In fact, we know that it happens every day through consistent, committed action, which is why we make accountability a non-negotiable component of all TEM work.

So, to fulfill on those commitments, we’ve designed two core programs to get you in alignment with your purpose and deeply connected with what lights you up.







    I AM


Our men’s groups meet twice per month, for two hours each.  The meetings are flexibly programmed based on the wants & needs of any circle’s members on the given day of a meeting, combined with accountability for commitments that have been made in the most recent previous meeting.  The circles, while part of the overall TEM Community are communities unto themselves while being collaborative & supportive of the progress of the whole.

Our Discover Purpose meetings are designed for the man that may be new to, or early in, the process of discovering who he is and/or what he really wants out of life. These meetings are purpose-built to support each man in that process, so they can ultimately move from discovering their purpose to actually living it with a great amount of love, power, and clarity.

Our Live Purpose groups are for men that are clear on who they really are, are willing to tell the truth about everything, know what they really want to get from life, and interested in gaining new tools, advanced support, and accountability to align their development achievements with who they are and what they want.


This retreat introduces the paradigm of the Four Archetypes of Man: The King (Purpose), The Warrior (Presence), The Magician (Power), and The Lover (Passion).

In the retreat, we look at how the Four Archetypes are reflected in our personal perspectives on survival and freedom, and how to use the Four Archetypes to develop personal practices that support us in knowing freedom and success beyond merely surviving.

The work is done in a collaborative environment and takes advantage of the collective wisdom of a committed community of men.


The first in a new series focusing specifically on achievement, in this training you will develop tailored tools and framework of accountability to move you forward toward your goals.

After a brief review and discussion on the subconscious mind, belief systems, and intuition, we will jump directly into the discernment and development process.

This training is about being and doing from Being. It’s about creating. It’s about achieving those long time, deeply held goals and desires that haven’t manifested just yet.